We aim to provide quality education and care in a safe, educational and supportive environment, which is responsive to the needs of the children and their families/whanau.


Hours of Operation

8am-5.45pm, Monday to Friday.

The Centre is closed for all New Zealand statutory holidays, including Otago Anniversary Day and also for the days in between Christmas and New Year.


Our staff / child ratio

Nursery 1 adult to 4 children
Preschool 1 adult to 8 children



The centre is licensed to take a maximum of 70 children

Nursery 20 – 24 children under two years of age
Preschool 46 to 50 two to five year olds

Information displayed in the foyer…

Several pieces of important information about how we run the Centre are found in the foyer:

  • List of committee members (displayed in the foyer)
  • Minutes from our monthly management meetings (in a folder in the foyer)
  • The Centre Policies are displayed in the foyer and on this website
  • List of our staff and their qualifications is also in the foyer and on this website

Please try and take the time to read through the policies, especially the Child Behaviour Management and Sleep Room policies, which can be found here

Our operation

We operate as a full-day licensed centre.  Our funding comes from two sources:

  • Fees paid by parents (including WINZ subsidies)
  • The Ministry of Education

Education review report

All early childhood services are reviewed by the Education Review office every three years. This ensures that we are providing quality education and care, while meeting the regulations and requirements set out by the Ministry of Education.

A copy of our most recent review is available in the bookcase in the foyer, and on the Education Review Office web site.

Preparing your child to start at the Centre

Please feel free to bring your child in for a visit before they begin at the Centre.  Simply ring the office (03-442 9217) to organize a suitable time.

When you arrive, one of our staff will show you (and your child/children) around.  They’ll also brief you on your child’s expected routine, and give you the relevant forms to fill in. You may have questions, so this is a good time to discuss them

Leaving your child – some tips

Most children settle quickly after their parents have left, but if you are in doubt, please drop in any time during the day and take a look (preferably without your child seeing you).  You are also welcome to bring a cuddly toy or comforter that will help your child transition into the Centre environment.

If your child isn’t settling, we will contact you immediately and ask you to come and take he or she home.   We’ll then follow up with a strategy to help your child cope better with the leaving process.

Parents are expected to bring their child into the building and check in with a teacher before leaving the premises.

Try the following techniques for making the leaving easier:

  • Establish a drop-off routine that your child becomes familiar with. Enter the Centre, put away their bag and lunch box together, get the child involved in an activity, stay for a few minutes, say goodbye and leave.
  • When you say you are going, make sure you disappear from the child’s view, stay out of sight and see how they are going – avoid coming back for more cuddles as this can upset them further.
  • Always make sure your child is involved in an activity, or with a staff member, before you leave.
  • Tell one of the staff when you are ready to go.

Protocols – signing in and out

Dropping Off

Scan the barcode beside child’s name at the office (in the foyer).


On screen

Child’s name will come up on the computer screen in the office


Signing Out

As before, scan your child’s barcode.

Please note: Twice a week you are required to sign the daily roll – on the desk in the foyer.  It is Ministry of Education requirement that you sight and sign the roll on a regular basis.

Collecting children

  • For your child’s protection, we only permit children to leave the Centre with those persons nominated (by you) on the enrolment form. 
  • If someone else is to collect your child, you must inform staff of that person’s name.
  • Children must be picked up by the time designated on their booking form.
  • Please ensure that you close the gate behind you, checking that no children accidentally leave the secured area with you.

Emergency contact

During enrolment we ask you to provide the names and details of a relative/friend who can be contacted in case of an emergency (when parents cannot be contacted).  This person must live in the area and be available if necessary to pick up the child. For Health and Safety reasons, any changes to your contact details or emergency contact people must be advised.  

What to bring


Our schedule for mealtimes at the Centre is:

Morning Tea 9.30am – 10.30am
Lunch From 11.30am
Afternoon tea
Nursery 2:30pm
Preschool – 2.30 – 3.30pm

Please provide:

  • Morning and afternoon tea – a small snack
  • Lunch – food such as a sandwich, yogurt, fruit. (We have a microwave to heat up food, e.g. spaghetti, baked beans, risotto.)
  • A water bottle – no juice, coke, etc, please.

Feeders/bibs for the Nursery children – are provided by us.

We do not allow:

  • Eggs. However, egg in baking is permitted.
  • Any sort of nuts (including in muesli bars or pesto with nuts in it)
  • Chewing gum

At QPN we are a ‘Healthy Heart Centre’ and promote healthy eating. However, we respect items in lunchboxes are parents choice and it does help children learn about foods in moderation. We ask that you refrain from sending ‘lollies’ in lunchboxes.


Please send your children in clothes that are suitable for play – especially messy play!

ALL CLOTHING must be NAMED – including underwear!

Summer – please include a sunhat. Our Sun Safe policy states that during November to March, children are not allowed out to play unless wearing a sunhat.

Winter – please include a warm jacket and hat, as well as suitable footwear, for colder weather.

Include a change of clothes, in case of accidents, in your child’s bag (which also needs to be NAMED).
plus any cuddly toy etc that would help your child feel more secure.

Nappies and toilet training

  • If your child wears nappies, please provide enough for their session at the Centre, as well as wipes (Disposable nappies as we do not have the facilities to clean cloth nappies).
  • Children in nappies need to have a fresh change prior to arrival.
  • If your child is being toilet trained, please dress them in clothing that is easy for them to pull down (not overalls or jeans with a belt).


We provide clean linen and blankets for the sleeping room

Bringing things from home

Although we are happy for children to bring their comforters (favourite teddy, etc) when they are settling in, a word of caution.  Personal toys are easily lost or mislaid; we cannot assume responsibility for any loss or damage, so try and convince your child it’s not a good idea to bring them to the Centre. We welcome books or CDs or videos that can be shared with the child’s group.


Children can celebrate their birthday at the Centre if they want to – parents are welcome to provide food or some healthy snacks to share.  Please let us know if your child is going to have a party.

Outside Play & Being Sun-safe

Children will play outside daily, except in inclement weather. In the summer months, only children with hats are allowed outside so remember to pack one.
• Staff apply sun block to the children during the summer at least twice a day. Parents are responsible for the first application, either before leaving home or when they arrive at the Centre


We cannot accept children who are ill or suffering from infectious diseases.

No children may be left at the Centre if vomiting or diarrhea has occurred in the previous 48 hours.

To ensure Teachers are able to provide the best care for your child we ask that you please inform teachers at drop off if your child has been administered Pamol or Nurofen prior to coming to the centre.

Inline with the Ministry of Health recommendations we cannot administer Pamol or Nurofen for fevers.

Please note: Your child should be kept at home if there are any of the following symptoms:

  • A high temperature
  • Inflamed throat or eyes
  • An unidentified rash
  • An upset stomach or diarrhea
  • Is clearly unwell

Rubella (German measles)

If your child contacts Rubella (German measles) while attending the Centre, please notify the staff so parents may be informed.

When children fall ill at the Centre

If your child becomes unwell during the course of the day, we’ll notify you and ask that the child be picked up as soon as possible.  If we are unable to contact you, we’ll call the person nominated by you as the emergency contact instead.

If in the event of a sudden illness or accident, we are unable to contact you or your emergency contact – and we believe your child could be at risk – we will seek immediate medical attention.  This could be contacting your doctor or calling an ambulance.

  • Ensure you sign the Medicine Authorisation Form if your child is on medication and recovering, and you require staff to administer their medicine during their session at the Centre.

Health guidelines for parents

The following guidelines are to help you, as parents, to decide whether or not your child is well enough to attend the Centre. A note will be added to the daily whiteboard in the event of any breakout of any of the listed infectious diseases.

  • You may need a doctor’s letter/certificate stating that your child is well enough to return to the Centre following infection from any of these illnesses (listed below).

A child will not be permitted to attend when she/he has any of the following diseases:

Disease or condition Exclusion period
Common cold Child with an acute infection – i.e. who is sneezing, coughing and/or feverish, has green discharge from nose – should stay at home until they are well
Conjunctivitis Discharge from the eyes of any type. The child must be excluded for 24 hrs after the treatment has begun
Giardia Excluded until treatment is given and there has been no diarrhea for 24 hrs
Head Lice The child must be taken from the centre and appropriate treatment administered. All nits and eggs should be removed before the child can be re admitted. All family members should be treated.
Vomiting & Diarrhoea The child must be taken from the Centre. They can return after at least 24 hours has passed from the time of the last vomiting or loose bowel motion.
School Sores (Impetigo) Re-admit once appropriate treatment has commenced,
and lesions are no longer weeping. Any sores on exposed surfaces must be properly covered
Measles Exclude for 4 days from the appearance of the rash, or until a medical certificate of recovery is produced
Mumps Exclude for 9 days or until swelling goes down.

Notices & newsletters

The parent’s notice board is in the foyer and will keep you up to date as to what is happening at the Centre.

We send out regular newsletters, letting you know about staff and management ideas, decisions, and any changes that take place at the Centre. These newsletters are usually put into your child’s “pocket”.  If you don’t get one please ask at the office.

A staff/parent library is available for you to borrow books from

Complaints Procedure

The Complaints Procedure is written up and displayed in the foyer.